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With this course you’ll be able to:

  • Relax deeply & sleep soundly
  • Have freedom from worry & anxiety
  • Enjoy an oasis of calm in your own mind
  • Let go of stress & pressure
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Overcome negative emotions
Sue H.Teaching Assistant
I now feel much more content, calmer and happier even when I have a lot going on.
Maria H.Natural Health Therapist

This has made a profound difference to my life. With just a few minutes of mindfulness, all the stress and negative thoughts are gone. 

Carol R.Retired

Before the course, I felt emotionally drained - Now, I am much calmer and more tolerant of situations and people who used to cause me great stress. It's an excellent course!

Meditation is now used by MILLIONS of people from all walks of life to CALM body & mind...

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”

Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Master

In Just 5 Minutes per Day Your FREE Mindfulness Course Will Allow You to Experience:


Studies show that meditation relaxes you, declutters your mind and gives you the ability to let go of negative emotions like worry and anxiety. This has the effect of relaxing you deeply with the result that your mind and body are refreshed and rejuvenated while your resilience and ability to cope with pressure is greatly increased. Being able to let go and detach from worry and anxiety is truly liberating.


Even a few minutes of meditation has the effect of calming and clearing the mind so that the constant stream of thoughts normally associated with sleep difficulties is decreased. Within just a few days of practice you'll notice your sleep improving dramatically.  


Think of your mind like a computer. When the computer hard drive is full of data it becomes clogged up and sluggish. Simply by rebooting the system and freeing up some memory, the computer starts to work faster and more efficiently. Your mind is the same - once you learn to sit in stillness, your mind will naturally clear.Your ability to focus and to tap into your inner creativity will be enhanced. 


With less going on in your mind your energy reserves will soon pick up and you'll be able to put more into the areas of your life you want to focus on. In this state of boundless energy and focused state of mind, you can accomplish all your daily tasks in less time.


To date, countless scientific and psychological studies confirm that meditation has a powerful, measurable impact on almost every aspect of a person's life and health, from lowering blood pressure, to strengthening the immune system & increasing overall well-being and happiness. We have found the greatest benefit to be the ability to switch off and settle your busy mind whenever you need or want to. 

​"Mindfulness meditation put an end to stress and worry for us. It can do the same for you."

We're Rob & Sally from The Life Raft

Hi There!
We discovered meditation & mindfulness as a way of overcoming sever PTSD  following a near-fatal knife attack in 2010. We had tried everything up until that point to end our struggle with stress and anxiety.  

The benefits we experienced were incredible. Our lives were literally transformed overnight by the simple meditation techniques we learned and having experienced the life-changing benefits we went on to train as meditation teachers with a Zen Master in 2012. Since then we've been successfully teaching individuals and groups, running retreats and offering coaching to people from all walks of life to cope with worry, stress, anxiety, sleep problems and negative emotions.

We created The Life Raft as a place to help people like you cope with the pressures of the modern world and to become HEALTHY, HAPPY, RELAXED & WORRY-FREE.

Your free course will be delivered via your mobile, tablet or computer for easy learning. Here's what we’ll be covering:

Day 1

How meditation can help anyone - including YOU

You'll learn how different parts of the brain - particularly those associated with fear and emotion, are altered so that the body becomes able to respond differently to stress. You'll also discover how brain functions such as awareness, concentration and decision-making improve. Finally, you'll discover the single most important factor that can change your life dramatically and quickly. This really is the KEY to escaping emotional pain and worry for good.

Day 2

Preparing to Meditate - 5 steps to ensure success

In this module we'll be learning how to avoid some of the common problems beginners face so that you can build a strong foundation for your practice. We'll also provide you with our handy 'pre-meditation checklist' so that you can prepare yourself mentally and physically before your session to enhance your meditation practice and ensure you get the most from it. 

Day 3

The simple meditation technique that can change your life

Today's the day you'll learn the simple yet very powerful meditation technique which you'll be able to use for the rest of your life. This technique is virtually effortless but, as you'll soon see, it can bring profound levels of stillness, peace and deep relaxation. Just a few minutes per day are all you need to benefit from this technique.

Day 4

Coping with distractions & difficulties

Only one you start to meditate will you become aware of the many hurdles and distractions which can spring up. Without the skills to overcome these potential pitfalls, you can soon find your motivation dropping and your practice may slip. The real benefits of meditation come from regular, consistent practice - even just a few minutes each day - so learning how to cope with negative thoughts, outside interference and other distractions is very beneficial.

Day 5

Reaping the rewards & how to go deeper

This is where you'll learn how to take your practice deeper and further - including a way you can turn any activity into a meditation practice - and what you can start to experience as you continue your journey. Be prepared for some very exciting revelations here!


Bonus Resources

As a thank you gift for trying this course we'll upload some guided meditations, recordings of presentations we've done and other helpful materials. 

You'll get instant access to your free 5-Day course on desktop, tablet or mobile

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