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Learn the Self-Love Method that brings a permanent end to emotional and binge eating

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When is it? Wednesday, Jan 8th, 9PM London Time (BST)
Where is it? Join in from your laptop/desktop. (Please avoid attending from your 'phone as reception is not 100% compatible).
Who's doing it? Presented by Sally Plevin, Co-founder, The Life Raft Organisation, creator of the Love Food, Love You emotional eating recovery programme 

What You'll Learn When You Attend This Class

  • The reason why diets don't work and why dieting sets you up for a lifetime of DISAPPOINTMENT and GUILT
  • The ONE CHANGE you need to make to PERMANENTLY end yo-yo dieting and food restriction
  • The simple mind-shift that will give you TOTAL BODY CONFIDENCE so you can finally love yourself and live your life to the full - no more 'putting life on hold' and avoiding social occasions because you feel embarrassed or inadequate!
  • How to overcome the urge to binge and over-eat by listening to your body and becoming aware of the deeply hidden drivers of your unwanted eating habits.
  • The secret to overcoming negative emotions and feelings like GUILT, SHAME and SELF-LOATHING. 
    NOTE: These emotions are not to be feared or avoided - they are the key to your salvation and freedom - once you know how to deal with them!


Sally Plevin is a former police sergeant and now teaches mindfulness, meditation and Pilates. She is the creator of the Love Food, Love You program and specialises in helping busy women overcome emotional eating and binge eating by addressing the deeply hidden unconscious beliefs behind their food and body image struggles.

"I've lived with deep seated feelings of guilt and shame about my body and my eating most of my life. I’ve obsessed about food and I’ve obsessed about my body and I’ve felt a total failure when I haven’t reached the goals I’ve set for myself. I know what it feels like to be a woman who doesn't like her body and feels guilty every time she looks at a biscuit. 

I won’t pretend my healing journey has been easy, but the rewards have been incredible. I have learned how to uncover the emotional pain that caused me to overeat and to feed this ‘emotional hunger’  in nurturing healthy ways, rather than with food. And I've finally learned to love myself - a transformation more rewarding and impactful than I could have ever believed possible.

In this free web class I intend to show you how you can too."

Register now for FREE

 (LIMITED PLACES - please turn up on time or your place will be allocated to the next in line).)


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