The Quiet Mind Mindfulness Meditation 4-Week Course

The program consists of methods similar to those used by millions of meditators around the world to overcome limiting thoughts and behaviour patterns and to live healthier, happier more productive lives.

Your training fee includes 4 x training sessions at a venue near you, a meditation diary & 2 meditation CDs.

Through the Quiet Mind Program you will:

> Learn SEVEN different types of meditation
> Learn the EIGHT essential attitudes to help you fully understand the particular quality of awareness which is unique to mindfulnes practice
> Learn how to completely disassociate yourself from stress, anger, anxiety, depression & other negative & unhealthy emtionsLearn how to use mindfulness to deal with & overcome physical pain
> Learn how to integrate mindfulness into your daily life to become happier, calmer, more focused and more relaxed

What will it do for you?

The Quiet Mind course will help you…

1. Eliminate the effects of stress from your life for good

You’ll learn how to put yourself into a deep level of relaxation and peace within a matter of minutes; a state of profound stillness where NOTHING can bother you. In this stillness even sounds won’t disturb you and stress and worries simply melt away. The best thing about this is that these benefits continue LONG after your actual practice – you can feel waves of calmness and peace washing over you throughout the day.

2. Clear and calm your mind

Within minutes of practicing these techniques you’ll begin to feel relaxed, yet totally alert and focused. ‘Mind chatter’ is a problem for most people in today’s busy world and meditation is a tremendous way to deal with it while also improving concentration and focus.

3. Experience freedom from emotional turmoil, anxiety and depression

Anger, grief, sorrow, fear, hurt and other negative emotions can prevent us from enjoying life and if not addressed they can lead to illness. While you can’t force the world to change and make all the problems go away you CAN learn to feel calm & peaceful in the midst of these things. People who meditate regularly tend to find that negative emotions no longer bother or affect them the way they once did.

4. Sleep Better

As your ability to overcome the effects of stress improves and as your busy mind starts to settle and become more peaceful, problems associated with sleep naturally subside.

5. Feel happier

When your happiness depends entirely on what is happening in your life you can become a victim of circumstance – happy when things are going well, down when things take a turn for the worse. In this way, life can become an emotional roller coaster. Through meditation you can start to feel happier regardless of your circumstances.

How To Book Your 4 Week Course

To book a Quiet Mind course please click the appropriate link in our Course Listing

After purchase you’ll be sent an email with full details of your course. We’ll keep in touch with you and send you a reminder closer to your start day.