Enjoy the Peace, Clarity & Focus of a QUIET MIND  Completely Free from Mental Chatter, 'Busy-ness' and Worry 

Now You Can Sleep Better, Relax Deeply & Feel Happier Whenever You Want

Do you have times when your brain just won't switch off? When negative thinking, anxiety and worry totally take over your mind? Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed with worry & struggling to sleep at night?

And do you sometimes feel like life is rushing by at the speed of light? Like you're getting left behind, wondering where the time went and worrying that you'll never get where you want to be?

Do you feel like peace, happiness and contentment is something you're constantly chasing? Do you promise yourself that life will get better as soon as you've... (fill in the blank with your current 'To Do' list).

The Modern World is Super-Stressful

It's perfectly normal to feel this way when the pressures and demands of our hyper-busy, competitive world get too much. And it's common to find yourself suffering from the emotional and physical effects of all this pressure & stress.

Things like....

  • Low energy - excessive tiredness & exhaustion.
  • Digestive problems -  upset stomach, including diarrhoea, constipation
  • Overwhelm - the feeling that your life revolves around work and rushing from task to task.
  • Physical pain - Headaches, back ache and general joint pains
  • Decreased libido - loss of sexual interest/desire/ability
  • Slower metabolism - weight gain, bloating & sluggishness
  • Compromised immune system - frequent colds and infections
  • Lack of confidence - Avoiding social situations
  • Insomnia & sleep problems

You're one step away from a PERMANENT solution...

When you're feeling overwhelmed, tired and stressed out it's hard to imagine that anything can really help you but I want to tell you about something that can allow you to relax, recharge & find a much better frame of mind in as little as a few minutes.

Introducing the Quiet Mind Program

Meditation & Mindfulness
for Inner Happiness, Deep Relaxation & Zen-Like Calm

In just a few minutes you'll learn a technique that will bring the profound sense of stillness, clarity & well-being you've been looking for.

Mindfulness meditation is used by millions of ordinary people around the world to overcome limiting thoughts and behaviour patterns and to live healthier, happier more productive lives.  With the Quiet Mind program you'll notice improvements from Day 1.

How it works:

When you enroll on the Quiet Mind online training you will have immediate access to a private member area where your training materials will be delivered. You can start the course any time, there is no pressure.

You'll have access to peer support via a private member hub together with access to trainer support via our help desk and live Q and A sessions. You will also be given the opportunity to join group meditation sessions online as your course progresses. 

You will be meditating from Day 1, accessing deep states of relaxation almost immediately. Over an 8 week period you will receive progressive meditation tuition resulting in you developing the skills of a seasoned meditator together with the ability to recognise and access mindful states of awareness.  

You will have lifetime access to your training materials and can revisit the training whenever you wish. We always say it is best to stick to a regular daily habit of training but the course is completely flexible - you can restart the course if you need to any time. 

What the Quiet Mind Program Will Do For You:

1. Eliminate the effects of stress 

You’ll learn how to put yourself into a deep level of relaxation and peace within a matter of minutes; a state of profound stillness where NOTHING can bother you. In this stillness even sounds won’t disturb you and stress and worries simply melt away. The best thing about this is that these benefits continue LONG after your actual practice – you can feel waves of calmness and peace washing over you throughout the day.

2. Clear and calm your mind

Within minutes of practicing these techniques you’ll begin to feel relaxed, yet totally alert and focused. ‘Mind chatter’ is a problem for most people in today’s busy world and meditation is a tremendous way to deal with it while also improving concentration and focus.

3. Let you experience freedom from negative emotions

Anger, grief, sorrow, fear, hurt and other negative emotions can prevent us from enjoying life and if not addressed they can lead to illness. While you can’t force the world to change and make all the problems go away you CAN learn to feel calm & peaceful in the midst of these things. People who meditate regularly tend to find that negative emotions no longer bother or affect them the way they once did.

4. Sleep Much Better

As your ability to overcome the effects of stress improves and as your busy mind starts to settle and become more peaceful, problems associated with sleep naturally subside . This means you'll be able to switch off, sink into your bed & drift into the kind of deep, restful slumber you've been craving. You can then wake up in the morning feeling truly rested, refreshed and nourished; full of vitality and energy.

5. Feel happier

When your happiness depends entirely on what is happening in your life you can become a victim of circumstance – happy when things are going well, down when things take a turn for the worse. In this way, life can become an emotional roller coaster. Through meditation you’ll start to feel happier regardless of your circumstances.

What other people say about the Quiet Mind Program

​Although based on ancient Zen techniques, the meditation methods you’ll learn are scientifically proven, highly effective psychological tools with real-world benefits for today’s over-complicated world. In fact, thousands of peer-reviewed scientific papers and clinical trials around the world validate that mindfulness meditation enhances mental and physical well-being and reduces chronic pain. In addition, you may be interested in the comments from some of our Quiet Mind students...

What You Get:

The Quiet Mind online program consists of 8 modules consisting of audio & PDF tutorials, guided meditation exercises plus additional strategies & tools. Within just a few hours you will have learned how to meditate and will have developed a skill you can use for the rest of your life.

  • FOUR different 'core' meditation practices which will each create an oasis of calm in your mind where you can escape the busy world, relax deeply and re-charge your batteries
  • Micro-Meditations you can use to 're-boot' and re-focus yourself whenever you feel jaded, exhausted or overwhelmed
  • THREE powerful breathing exercises you can use to calm body and mind & to ground and center yourself
  • Mindfulness activities to help you make this unique quality of awareness a regular part of your everyday life. 
  • The six 'Helpful Attitudes' that hold the key to being able to completely disassociate from negative emotions like anger, anxiety & depression and instead feel a sense of emotional stability and calm regardless of your external situation
  • Private Facebook group - so you can join in group discussions, enjoy ongoing peer support and mix with like-minded people
  • Weekly Q and A Sessions/Coaching calls - so you can have your questions answered live on air - this element makes the course as interactive and beneficial as an in-person class

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How much does it cost to feel calm, happy & stress-free?

Our live in-person courses are normally priced at £299 and with this online version you are getting the exact same teaching. In fact, the LIVE weekly Q and A support element makes this online class as close as you can get to an in-person class without all the hassles of travel etc.

The usual price for the Quiet Mind online program is £197 but we are discounting the course fee to just £​147 for a limited period. And you still get 8 weeks' training, live Q and A support plus All the bonuses.

​Order today & save £50!

Now Only £147

And… we’re going to throw in the following bonuses


Bonus #1: Lifetime FREE Access to our online MEMBERS' GROUP  (value £17 per month)

Our Quiet Mind Members' Group includes additional tips and strategies – guided meditations, videos, scripts, PDFs etc. PLUS the option of joining in LIVE group meditations online. You can meditate with other people and enjoy the benefits of meditating in a group setting  no matter where you are. Note: Invitation to the group meditations will be sent out via the private Facebook group.


Bonus #2: The Mirror (Value £35)​​

The Mirror is  a series of questions to help you discover how the thoughts you hold about yourself effect almost everything you do.  Changing unhelpful thoughts and self-talk lies at the heart of positive change and is the key to successfully changing deep-seated negative patterns of behaviour. ​This bonus will be added to your member area towards the end of your program.


Bonus #3: Emotional Release Meditation (value £75)

The Emotional Release Meditation is a recorded meditation in which you will be guided & supported to work through  and release long-held painful emotions such as fear, sadness, anger or anxiety.  This bonus it will be added to your member area towards the end of the program

What To Do Now

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