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Now You Can Join Hundreds of Women Who Have Used My Proven Self-Love Method to Overcome  Emotional Eating in 6 Weeks or Less  

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Have you finally had enough of emotional eating and Yo-yo dieting?

Like most women who come to me, you've probably tried a LOT of different types of 'control methods' to stop yourself from overeating - diets, restricting what you buy, eating schedules,  calorie counting, clearing cupboards, padlock on the fridge etc. 

These methods all leave you feeling defeated, frustrated and discouraged because they never last. 

Are you done with feelings of anxiety, guilt, failure and the ever-present fear of the weight piling back on?

The truth is, it really does NOT have to be like this! (AND you don't have to do this alone).

There's a better way!

And you now have the opportunity to access it RIGHT NOW in your own home.

I'm going to guide you through a step-by-step process that will permanently eliminate your stress about food and overeating in 6 weeks or less.

Maybe it's time to try a proven process which eliminates the CAUSE of your eating habits...

The aim of this program is simple... to get you to the point where you no longer use food as an emotional crutch and where you feel a deep sense of self-appreciation & inner strength.

In other words, my goal for you is PERMANENT FREEDOM from over-eating, binge eating, emotional eating and yo-yo dieting... with no more feelings of GUILT, SELF-LOATHING and FAILURE.

I’m going to give you a proven, time-served path to take you there – in 6 weeks or less.

You’ll get everything you need to make that happen, and nothing you don't. No pills, potions and shakes. No crazy diet plans, no crazy exercise routines, no calorie counting and no restricting of any kind.

Instead, I’m going to  lead you to a total shift in your thinking and once it happens, you’ll NEVER be controlled by food, your body image or the opinions of others ever again.

You'll soon know exactly how to identify the hidden drivers of your unhealthy, unwanted eating habits… and remove them from your life for good.

"For the first time in forever I can now say I feel in control of my emotional eating!"

"Thank you so much Sally you are amazing your such an inspirational woman,your course is brilliant and for the first time in forever I can now say I feel in control of my emotional eating using and loving all the tools you have given me,really can't thank you enough."

Love Marie x


How it works...

We'll start by getting clear about the difference between emotional and physical hunger and I’ll give you a very effective ‘quick win’ way to break the habit of unconsciously reaching for food as a result of your feelings. This is so simple, yet incredibly effective. You’ll enjoy using it throughout the program - and beyond - as an essential part of the process of breaking free from unconscious eating.

Next, we'll uncover some of the buried beliefs you have around food – the hidden drivers and triggers of your eating habits. You’ll start learning to appreciate and be kind to yourself and bring an end to all the hurtful negative, unhealthy thoughts and emotions such as guilt and self-hatred. This is where you’ll learn other, more appropriate ways to sooth yourself and make yourself feel better — rather than reaching for a pack of biscuits – and you’ll quickly notice that you have far more control than you realise when it comes to stopping bingeing and emotional eating.

Then we'll get to grips with your inner critic – the nagging voice which keeps you down and limits you in so many ways. We’ll introduce self-love, and you’ll learn how it’s possible to be your own best friend and your own source of reliable support. This is a crucial step towards becoming free from the opinions of others and transforming your negative self-image.

As a result of this new connection with yourself you’ll begin to see how you simply can’t do anything other than eat what your body truly wants. You’ll see how utterly pointless (and harmful) restriction and dieting is and how the only way to end your battle with food for good is to respond to your body’s innate intelligence rather than being a slave and victim to your unconscious emotions and feelings. This is the final key to food freedom and has the added benefit of leading to healthy, sustainable weight loss.

Finally, we'll and we’ll set your intention towards what you really want for your life going forwards. You’ll experience the transformative ‘Heart’s Desire’ meditation and look forward to a new world of possibilities now that you are no longer restricted and controlled by your emotions and limiting beliefs.

You will be astounded at the simplicity of the process and how effortless it is to eat healthily.

Just think… no more fighting with food, no more Yo-yo dieting and no more constantly trying to make yourself feel better with food. There is simply no need.

In this way you'll PERMANENTLY break free from emotional eating and unconscious bingeing.

Any one of these steps can bring you closer to experiencing food freedom but my experience is that when you apply each of them together, as part of a structured process like the Love Food Love You program, there is much more likelihood you can fully and permanently achieve the results you want.   

I’ve called this program Love Food, Love You because that's our focus. Getting you to LOVE YOU – wholly and completely – so that you can LOVE FOOD joyfully and unashamedly, without worrying about overeating, eating unhealthily or feeling guilty in any way. You will instead be responding to, and supporting, your body’s true needs and desires in the form of delicious, nutritious and tasty food at the appropriate time.  

I have taught this method to hundreds of women and their new-found confidence, self-appreciation and food freedom makes a real difference to their lives.

So… I am looking for women who are ready and willing to implement the program and change their lives from within. 

The program is ready and waiting for you right now.


I'm ready for Food Freedom

What people say about Love Food, Love You

“I don’t need approval anymore – lightbulb moment!” 

“Thank you so much Sally  – Amazing course. You are an inspiration. Before the course I had low self esteem & low body confidence. I was binge eating and mindlessly eating - my eating was out of control. Since the course I have changed my negative beliefs about myself and only eat when I'm actually hungry. Best of all - I don’t need approval anymore – lightbulb moment! I now Love Food and Love Me! Thank You! x” 
Name witheld

"I enjoy every mouthful knowing when I’ve had enough."

Before the course I wasn't coping. I was filled with guilt and had a very a poor body image. I was binge eating, over eating, eating for comfort & Yo-yo dieting. I was unhappy with myself and my lifestyle. Since the course I no longer feel guilty about food anymore. I've stopped buying diet foods and I enjoy every mouthful knowing when I’ve had enough. I no longer eat unless I am hungry and am processing my feelings in a much better way. 
Name witheld

"I am losing weight without starving myself." 

Before this course I was constantly dieting, losing weight and then gaining it all again. Starving myself and feeling better for a short time and back to square one with more pounds on again. After attending this course I am feeling great about myself, loving and enjoying the food I eat. I am losing weight without starving myself and the most important thing is I have much more control of what I eat and how I feel."

Study at home for ease and convenience

I've set the program up for your convenience and flexibility. Each week, for 6 weeks, you’ll receive a video tutorial with a strategy to help you manage your eating habits together with a guided audio exercise to manage your thoughts and emotions.

You’ll also get a summary list of short tasks to complete for the week so that you can put the strategies into action. 

How much time is needed?

It is really important to me that you succeed with this program - I want it as much as you do - so I've made the tutorials as short and practical as possible.

There's very little in terms of time commitment – in total you’ll need to commit just 1-2 hours per week for the next 6 weeks – after which your life will be very different.

Is there any support?

The course is a self-study format and you get lifetime access to all materials and tutorials. This keeps cost down to a minimum for women who choose to go it alone. 

You can take as long as you want to complete the materials and you have access to a dedicated private member group.

If you feel you need personal assistance to help you make progress and support you along the way, you have the option of adding personal coaching to your program at any stage via a link in your member area.

When does the program start?

This is a self-study program meaning you can start IMMEDIATELY.

You'll have access to the first materials straight after purchase and can start taking your first steps in this transformative process. 


Your Satisfaction is guaranteed

Don't worry, I know you probably have some reservations about this; that's natural. After all, it sounds almost too good to be true doesn't it? I'm telling you that once you uncover and eliminate your hidden eating beliefs and triggers you'll never need to worry about overeating or putting on weight again!

You might be worried that you're not suited to this type of work or that these sorts of programs never work for you. You might be worried it's going to be too difficult.

Well, whatever you're concerns, I'm SO confident about this method that I'm prepared to offer a complete refund if you don't think it's the program for you. You can try it out at my risk for 14 days. After that, if you don't think it's going to help you change your life, simply contact me through this website for a full refund. 

Choose the option which suits you best

Self Study


Perfect for self-motivated, disciplined women who don't need additional support

  • 6 recorded weekly video tutorials
  • Lifetime access to the recorded tutorials and materials

Group coaching


Group support plus weekly Q&A

  • 6 recorded weekly video tutorials 
  • 6 x live weekly Q&A coaching calls with Sally (included at a value of £50 per session)
  • Lifetime access to all materials and coaching call recordings



Fully supported personal mentoring

  • 6 recorded weekly video tutorials 
  • 6 x live weekly Q&A coaching call with Sally
  • Lifetime access to all materials and coaching call recordings 
  • 6 weeks unlimited, personal email mentoring with Sally  (included at a value of £100 per week)

Hi, I'm Sally,

I'm the co-founder of TheLifeRaft.org.  I used to be a police sergeant but for the last 8 years, along with my husband,  I've been providing mindfulness-based programs to help people change their lives for the better. I'm a Pilates teacher and a mindfulness trainer as well as the creator of the Love Food, Love You program.

I have lived with deep-seated feelings of guilt and shame about my body and my eating most of my life - until quite recently. I was an emotional binge eater, with the slightest upset or change in my emotions triggering  my eating. I'd overeat and then feel so guilty that I hated myself. I was consumed with feelings of failure which drove me to try one diet after another. Eventually I made myself very ill and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I decided then and there to find a healthy way to overcome my battles with food and self image. 

I learned that there is a practically effortless way to be permanently and completely free from any form of binge eating, over-eating, emotional eating and unconscious eating and it has enabled me to now live a life of deep happiness and total confidence. My passion is sharing this method with women who want to experience the same. 

I'm ready for Food Freedom

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