The aim of the Life Raft Foundation is to make a positive difference for people who are in need – children, elderly, disabled, hungry and poor. We also try to support worthwhile ecological projects of all types - large and small.

Financial Contributions

The Foundation makes regular financial commitments to sponsor projects, individuals and groups - by monthly donations and one-off payments.

Money for these contributions is raised principally from a percentage of profits from our training programs and live classes and from occasional special events.

In the final quarter of 2018 we gave away more than £1500 to help local charities and individuals. We aim to raise and give away at least £5,000 throughout 2019.

Who We Support

Below is a growing list of some of the organisations we support by monthly donation. This does not include one-off contributions made to individuals, groups and worthwhile causes.

Amy's Care

Based in North Cumbria, Amy's Care offer Social Clubs for older adults, specialising in those living with dementia.

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross is part of a global voluntary network helping people in crisis and responding to conflicts and natural disasters.

The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup is non-government engineering environmental organisation based in Netherlands, that develops technology to extract plastic pollution from the oceans. 


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