Overcome Life's Challenges


Everyone wants to feel happy and healthy. We all want to be able to enjoy life as much as possible. But life can be hard. It often throws up challenges and problems which can get in the way and lead to stress, anxiety, unhappiness and frustration. Sometimes it feels as if life is just one long, constant stream of never-ending problems; you get over one and another appears. And you begin to worry that things will NEVER get better.

At The Life Raft we understand that and we offer a solution that works.

The tools we share here have worked for us; they transformed our life. And they have worked for our clients & customers from all walks of life and with all kinds of problems. The chances are, they'll work for you too. 

If you want a realistic, proven method to become CALM, RELAXED, CENTERED & IN-CONTROL, and to overcome ANXIETY, WORRY and NEGATIVE EMOTIONS - no matter what is going on in your life...

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…when life gets too much and you have nowhere else to turn you could go to a place of safe refuge where you can deeply relax and feel a sense of calm confidence that everything is OK.

…A place where you can let life just drift by without being involved or caught up in all the tension, the frustration, the demands and the pressures.

…A place where you’re where you are FREE from all the trauma and pain you’re facing; where you’re no longer tormented by a constant stream of thoughts and worries – feelings of guilt and sadness from the past, feelings of frustration and trepidation about the future.

Well the great news is you don’t need to get on a plane to reach this wonderful place. It's already right here INSIDE YOU. And in our mini-guide 'Chaos to Calm' we'd like to teach you how to access it any time you want.

Get Your Free Mini-Guide ‘From Chaos To Calm’ And Learn…

  • 2 simple exercises to help you RELAX DEEPLY & SLEEP SOUNDLY no matter what is happening in your life
  • The 10 second technique to INSTANTLY CALM YOURSELF in difficult situations


David & Lisa Jordan, Carlisle

The Liferaft has given us tools to manage our thoughts and consequently how we feel.

Looking back now it's hard to believe how much stress and anxiety were affecting us both. I was hardly sleeping, Lisa would fret constantly and we were both irritable and frustrated worrying about things that appeared to not be in our control. The Liferaft has helped us to put everything back into perspective, given us tools to manage our thoughts and consequently how we feel. We've both been blown away by how much mindfulness has helped us, and undertaking this journey together has helped us to grow and be stronger as a couple too. Looking back at the questionnaires we did at the start of the course, I almost didn't recognise myself and I'm still amazed that that was just eight weeks ago. A huge thank you Rob! We look forward to sharing the next leg of the journey with you

Sue Howarth, Teaching Assistant, Keswick

I now feel much more content, calmer and happier even when I have a lot going on.

I used to feel that my life was in a rush all the time. I was stressed and anxious over silly things and felt life was passing me by. I now feel much more content, calmer and happier even when I have a lot going on. I am able to take things slowly now and think much more positively.

John Rimmington, Carlisle

Since learning to meditate I now appreciate what I have without needing to try and change things.

I used to feel tired and drained; lacking in motivation & burned out. I was always brooding and 'harping back': trying to make changes but then getting disillusioned when I failed. Since learning to meditate I now appreciate what I have & what is around me. I can accept things without needing to try and change things. This has been the most informative eight weeks!


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