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Life can be hard. But the biggest problems offer the greatest opportunities.

If you’re experiencing ANY kind of stress, emotional turmoil or difficulty right now – including health problems, money worries, work demands, relationship issues and everything in between – The Life Raft is for you.

At the Life Raft we offer tools and resources to help you overcome difficulties and to feel HAPPIER, STRONGER, HEALTHIER and more in control than ever before.

‚ÄčThe Life Raft was founded in 2012 during our recovery from PTSD as a result of a near-fatal knife attack. Our idea is to create a ‘hub’ from which we share the transformational teachings, tools and resources we've used to transition from worn out, burnt out and washed out to health, confidence and happiness.

Rob Plevin

I'm married to Sally & we live in the beautiful Eden Valley. We have 3 children, a crazy Tibetan Terrier called Bodhi and a pantomime horse called Ned. I love to be outdoors and enjoy sailing, running (slowly), mountain biking and swimming in the river or lakes nearby.

I’m a former senior Special Ed. Teacher and behaviour consultant. I’ve also written a number of teacher training books but my passion these days is personal development – in particular mindfulness, meditation & practical stress management. I’ve spent a huge part of my adult life in an immensely stressed & burned out state – not sleeping properly, chronic pain, fatigue etc. Yada, yada, poor me, boo hoo.

Discovering and practicing mindfulness has been totally transformative for me.  It has brought about incredible changes in every area of my life.

I train clients in 1:1 and group situations to help them become free from stress, feel better about themselves and find a more relaxed (and effective) way of dealing with the pressures of life. I also work with school senior management teams, businesses and corporate clients through our Resilient Leader and Resilience in the Workplace programmes.

Sally Plevin

I’m married to Rob and we have three children, Poppy, Andrew and Joe.

My passion, alongside helping people find true happiness, is being in the countryside – on my horse, my bike, swimming in the river or simply on my two feet. And the best days out are always finished off with a lovely meal with my family and friends.

Previously I spent 15 years as a Police officer with Northumbria Police.
I now am privileged to teach my passions of Mindful Pilates, Mindfulness for Mums and Mindful eating in the form of a course called ‘Love food, Love you’. I am incredibly excited by this programme which I have designed on the back of my, now healed, food and weight issues and my recognition that every woman deserves to feel beautiful.

Are You troubled by Emotional Eating and Over Eating?

The answer starts in making the decision to look deeper than the next diet plan or eating regime. Permanent food freedom is most definitely an ‘inside job’.  

The changes come FAST once you learn to work on the inside first and learn to love yourself.

Sally's new book, Love Food, Love You is now available in multiple formats from Amazon:

Love Food, Love You

"I was very stressed before the course. I worried a lot and was unable to relax. I felt responsible for the happiness of my whole family. I am now finding it much easier to stay relaxed and not become stressed. I am able to stay calm in stressful situations and to focus on NOW rather than worrying my life away. I am enjoying life again."

Steph Jack
Quiet Mind Client


Trained to teach Mindfulness Meditation in the Rinzai-Zen tradition


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