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(Includes a library of recorded classes and workshops)

Recorded Classes to suit all levels and abilities

From deeply relaxing Yin Yoga or Mindful Pilates through to invigorating Yoga Flow or the strengthening and aligning precision of Pure Pilates, we have a class for you, each one taught within a framework of authentic mindful engagement.

Exercising in this way, attending fully to each bodily movement, offers a truly transformative way to bring balance to your life and restore your mind-body connection.

Our teachers are all very experienced and have each been drawn to this particular style of exercise in which care and kindness to one's body is the highest priority. 

Each session of relaxing mindful movement and meditation provides the means to gently strengthen and tone your body while calming and relaxing your mind so as to improve your whole well-being.

‘Meditation in activity is a thousand times superior
to meditation in stillness.’

Hakuin Ekaku

Mindful Movement @ The Life Raft includes:

  • Classes catering for a range of abilities and times - beginner to advanced.
  • Pilates classes (recorded)
  • Yoga classes (recorded)
  • Workshops on key topics such as posture, pelvic floor, alignment etc.
  • Deeply relaxing guided meditations - to sooth the mind and promote deep relaxation

"I feel so much calmer and more  relaxed in my mind yet my body is totally energised."

"After a Mindful Movement class I feel relaxed, calm invigorated and strengthened. The online access via Zoom means I can attend sessions without leaving the house and the fact that the sessions are recorded is a real bonus as I can also do sessions when it suits me. Thank you Sally, keep up the great work."

Suzanne Ackerley

"I have been attending Sally’s Mindful Pilates classes for several years, initially live and now online and over the last couple of years my back pain is very much better. This is mostly due to what I have learned from the classes in terms of moving and exercising my body:- generally taking the simple level . There are always great suggestions for alternative moves to suit different people. It is such a good group with an atmosphere of mutual support and laughs that I really miss it if unable to attend."

Rachel Kidd

"I really feel the benefits of the Mindful movement sessions, particularly improved balance, improved core, good posture and overall strength. I also really enjoy the meditation part of the class, which gives me time for reflection and quiet thought. I was very new to the concept of meditation when I started the classes and it has been a real learning curve and I really value the opportunity to enjoy the benefits.”

Sue Lancaster

"At the end I felt more relaxed and calmer than I have ever felt before."

Warm, Welcoming Online Exercise Community 

Each of our teachers are familiar with life's many pressures and they understand the need for slower-paced, mindful forms of exercise.  Indeed, they have all have been drawn to their respective disciplines as a way of coping with and overcoming health issues and other difficulties of one type or another.  It is this life experience, along with a deep desire to pass on what they have learned, that makes them such encouraging and supportive guides.

Above all, the aim of our classes is  to support you towards developing a long term wellbeing practice. Our focus is very much on relaxation and giving your body what it needs. 

We do this by ensuring our classes have a warm, personal feel, by integrating mindful attention and by encouraging student/teacher interaction - so often overlooked in many online studios.

Meet some of your teachers:

Clare Bland - senior physiotherapist and Pilates teacher. After having my 3 children I developed an interest in Women’s Health and for the last two years have worked in obstetrics, gynaecology and breast cancer care. I trained as a Pilates teacher with APPI and enjoy using Pilates to help promote strength, balance and flexibility.

Polly Bainbridge - Yoga teacher, Yin Yoga specialist. Personal trainer and lead health referral practitioner. After the birth of my son, time became limited and feelings of change in my body and mind offered me a new beginning, the beginning of my own journey of looking deeper into my own body. Yoga has taught me so much about the person I am, how to treat my body and also how to treat those around me.

Sharon Jacob - Yoga teacher and mindfulness meditation teacher. I turned to Yoga and Meditation 5 years ago, when confronted with a diagnosis of Breast Cancer. Using movement, breath work, mudras and being present through mindfulness I was able to address the mental and physical challenges I faced. My yoga mat became by sanctuary and remains so to this day.

Sally Plevin - Co-founder of The Life Raft, Pilates & Mindfulness teacher. Previously I spent 15 years as a Police officer with Northumbria Police. Now I love to teach the two things that transformed my life after I was injured on both a metal and physical level - Mindfulness and Pilates - which I teach in the form of our Mindful Pilates sessions.

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  • 4 Steps to Perfect Posture Workshop - A 4-session Recorded Workshop to promote alignment and freedom of movement  in neck, shoulders, hips, spine, ribcage, feet and ankles. (Value £35)

  • 'Magic Morning' Stretch & Meditate Routine. Start your day with a relaxed body and a calm, settled mind. (Value £10)

  • Yin Yoga Mini-Workshop - for stress relief and wellbeing (Value £17)

  • Full access to a growing library of our recorded classes (Value £25)


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