"Calm Your Mind, Feel More Relaxed & Sleep Better" 

Experience the Incredible Benefits of Mindful Yoga and Pilates... In Your Own Home... Anytime



"Very relaxed & grounded - as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! "

We recently surveyed some of our members to find out how they feel after one of our Mindful Movement classes. Here's a small sample of the replies...

  • "I feel so much more flexible, have greater freedom of movement and my body tone has definitely improved."
  • "I feel ready to face whatever comes along."
  • "I always sleep so much better."
  • "Relaxed, knowing I am looking after my body for the future."
  • "I feel more relaxed and much calmer but also invigorated and strengthened."
  • I definitely feel much more settled and calmer.
  • "I feel stronger with a wonderful sense of achievement ."
  • I feel very relaxed and I'm always able to sleep well.
  • "Relaxed, re-centered, positive & calm."
  • "One session sets me up for the week." 
  • "I feel more hopeful & positive about life."
  • "Much less stressed and grateful."
  • "Definitely more settled and calmer."
  • "Very relaxed & grounded - as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! "
  • "Relaxed and happy."
  • "I feel soooo relaxed. But I also have more energy and feel more awake."
  • "Relaxed, calm and positive."
  • "Increased my flexibility & made me feel relaxed, calm & energised."

  • "Restored."

Classes to suit all levels and abilities

From deeply relaxing Yin Yoga through to invigorating Pure Pilates, we have a class for you; each one taught within a framework of authentic mindful engagement.

Exercising in this way, attending fully to each bodily movement, offers a truly transformative way to bring balance to your life and restore your mind-body connection. Each session of relaxing mindful movement and meditation provides the means to strengthen and tone your body, calm your mind and improve your whole well-being.

‘Meditation in activity is a thousand times superior
to meditation in stillness.’

Hakuin Ekaku

What do you get as a member?

  • A range of live, mindful  yoga and Pilates classes each week including early morning and evening sessions
  • A growing library of recorded classes, workshops & guided meditations
  • Focus sessions & workshops on posture, alignment, pelvic floor etc. 
  • Deeply relaxing meditation at the end of each session  
  • Caring & extremely supportive community

"I feel so much calmer and more  relaxed in my mind yet my body is totally energised."

"My whole family are benefiting from your Pilates."

I have been doing Pilates with Sally for over a year and a half now and the results have been phenomenal.  Having suffered with a bad back for more than 10 years, last weekend I dug most of my veg patch in one go and no sore back! For years I rejected suggestions that Pilates might help me as it did not fit with my idea of exercise. Thank you Sally, it is not just me but my whole family are benefiting from your Pilates.

Caroline Dilks 

"I came out an hour later feeling human again..."

Sally is enthusiastic about mindfulness and the benefits of relaxation, which has encouraged me to increase my practice of both. I've done pilates and mindfulness before, the classes are welcoming and Sally explains the moves with patience and ensures everyone is  ok. Last week I went to class feeling like an old woman, stiff and sore and didn't think I'd be able to do much, I came out an hour later feeling human again, more mobile and lighter.
Janice Hodgson

Our selection of live and recorded classes, focus sessions & workshops are led by certified mindful movement experts.

Sally Plevin - Creator of Life Raft Mindful Movement

In case you have your doubts about attending a class online, I'd like to take away the element of risk. Click the button below to try a full month of Mindful Movement to see if you enjoy it.  If you decide it's not for you simply cancel your subscription (or contact us and we'll do it for you) before the end of your trial and you won't be charged a penny.  I'm sure you'll love the sessions - there are many benefits to the way we teach and this gives you the opportunity to try it out risk-free. You can get in touch with us any time using the 'contact' tab on the main menu at the top of the page. 

Are you ready to increase FLEXIBILITY, improve BODY TONE & Feel CALM & RELAXED?

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