Life can be hard. But the biggest problems offer the greatest opportunities.

If you’re experiencing ANY kind of stress, emotional turmoil or difficulty right now – including health problems, money worries, work demands, relationship issues and everything in between – the Life Raft is for you.

At the Life Raft we offer tools and resources to help you overcome difficulties and to feel HAPPIER, STRONGER, HEALTHIER and more in control than ever before.

​Theliferaft was originally founded by Rob and Sally in 2012 during their recovery from PTSD as a result of a bizarre and horrific knife attack. The idea was to create a ‘hub’ from which to share the transformational teachings, tools and resources.they were using to regain their health and happiness.


Rob Plevin

I’m 49 years old (yikes) and I'm married to Sally. We have 3 children between us and an autistic dog named Oswald. I don’t get out much. But when I do I like to go sailing, running, mountain biking and swimming in the river or lakes nearby.

In terms of work I’m a former Special Ed. Teacher and behaviour consultant. I’ve also written a few teacher training books. My passion these days is personal development and mind training – in particular mindfulness, meditation & practical stress management. I’ve spent a huge part of my adult life in an immensely stressed & burned out state – not sleeping properly, chronic pain, fatigue etc. etc. yada yada, boo hoo, poor me. Discovering mindfulness has been totally transformative for me – ​it has completely changed my life for the better.

I train clients in 1:1 and group situations to help them become free from stress, feel better about themselves and find a more relaxed (and effective) way of dealing with the pressures of life.

Oh, I’m also behind most of the marketing for Theliferaft.org so if you get too many emails that’s my fault. Sorry.

In case you’re wondering, the analogy of the Life Raft came about when Sally and I were at our lowest point – really struggling to cope. During a Zen meditation retreat we learned to let go of painful thoughts and emotions. From that point on, whenever things got too much, we would imagine ourselves on a raft just drifting through life, accepting things rather than fighting against them. We were amazed how well things seemed to progress when we were no longer trying to control everything. Mindfulness and meditation literally saved our lives and that’s why we are such passionate teachers. The ‘smiley’ logo signifies our story. On one hand it depicts us on the raft and on the other it simply represents happiness. I hope you’ll join us on the raft and find your happiness too. :)

Sally Plevin

As you’ve already read if you are a chronological type of person like me (due to 15 years as a Police officer with Northumbria Police) I’m married to Rob and we have three children, Poppy 3 years, Andrew 17 years and Joe 25 years.

My passion, alongside helping people find true happiness, is being in the countryside – on my horse, my bike, swimming in the river or simply on my two feet. And the best days out are always finished off with a slap-up meal at the local pub with my family and friends.

I teach Mindful Pilates, Mindfulness for Mums and Mindful eating in the form of a course called ‘Love food, Love you’. I am incredibly excited by this programme which I have designed on the back of my, now healed, food and weight issues and my recognition that every woman deserves to feel beautiful.