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How a Simple Meditation Method Can Help You Break Free from Negative Thinking & Enjoy Freedom From Anxiety, Worry & Stress 10 minutes or less.

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What You'll Learn When You Attend This Class

  • How stress and anxiety affects your health and how to quickly build your resilience so you can live free from these effects
  • How to relax deeply at will and find a state of calm, inner peace
  • How to switch off your busy mind, break free from limited thinking and enjoy clarity and focus on demand

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When is it? Tuesday, January 14th 9pm London Time (BST)
Where is it? Join in from your laptop/desktop
Who's doing it? Presented by Rob Plevin, Co-founder, The Life Raft 
Why should you be there? You'll learn how to overcome anxiety, stress and negative emotions









Rob Plevin is a former senior Special Ed. Teacher and behaviour consultant and now teaches mindfulness, meditation & practical stress management.

"I’ve spent a huge part of my adult life in an immensely stressed & burned out state – not sleeping properly, chronic pain, fatigue etc. Discovering mindfulness-based strategies has been totally transformative for me – ‚Äčit has completely changed my life for the better.

I train clients in 1:1 and group situations to help them become free from stress, feel better about themselves and find a more relaxed (and effective) way of dealing with the pressures of life. I also work with school senior management teams, businesses and corporate clients through our Resilient Leader and Resilience in the Workplace programmes."


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