15 Minute Guided Meditation To Recharge And Revitalise

Jan 14, 2019

We recorded this little meditation specifically to help you recharge & revitalise yourself when you’re feeling tired or stressed.

Although this type of meditation doesn’t form part of our structured ‘Quiet Mind’ course, guided meditations like this are a great way to relax and also to start to develop focus, concentration and awareness.

As you listen to the meditation, thoughts and other distractions will undoubtedly pop into your head. This is normal and is one of the reasons why this sort of practice can be beneficial.

Rather than getting drawn into your thoughts, just gently bring yourself back to the picture and back to the words. Don’t fight with your thoughts, try to ‘block them’ or suppress them. Instead, just acknowledge them without being attached to them and let them go, taking your attention back to the meditation. You may find it easier and more relaxing to close your eyes and just listen to the words.

By practicing like this you’ll start to develop an ‘open’, non-judgemental type of awareness which is characteristic of mindfulness. You’ll also be giving yourself a much-needed rest!




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