Traditional Rinzai Zen Meditation
Techniques for Energy Cultivation & Insight

8 week training in traditional Zen meditation techniques

This training introduces students to a range of Rinzai Zen meditation techniques and practices that enable you to develop spiritual awareness while at the same time boosting your health, groundedness, confidence and energy.

Its structure comes from an important Zen Master in our lineage called Hakuin Zenji (1686-1768). He divided Zen practices into what he called the “two wings of a bird”.  One wing includes meditation practices that are directed towards understanding reality – kensho or satori – as enlightenment is called in Zen. The other is aimed at enhancing your wellbeing and vitality. To live enlightened wisdom in an active fulfilling life, you need a robust, healthy system.

Expect to benefit from:

  • Enhanced health and vitality
  • More happiness
  • Better concentration
  • Powerful insights into your true nature
  • More energy
  • Less Fear
  • Improved problem solving
  • A greater appreciation of nature
  • More awareness of the present
  • Greater connection to other people

Course includes:

  • Introduction to grounding and energy-work
  • Living at an elevated level of function
  • Stages of insight into self-understanding – knowing who you really are
  • How to use Zen in everyday life – whether at work or at play
  • Ki ko (qi gong) energy work
  • How to increase your vitality and well being
  • Over 10 hours of live online tuition plus accompanying resources and study guide 

Group size is kept to a minimum for this course and we operate on a first come, first served basis. The course fee is £175.

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