How I Stopped Emotional Eating And You Can Too

Discover the Key to Food Freedom, Body Confidence & True Happiness 


Is This You?

Constantly dieting and watching what you eat? Trying one weight-loss fad after another and always ending up where you started?

Lack confidence, feel self-conscious and have low self-esteem? Feel as though you've had to stop taking part in life because of the way you look and feel? 

Feel guilty whenever you give in and eat too much? Feel that you're always letting yourself and your family down?

Long to feel confident, happy and free to live your life more fully? You want to develop healthy new beliefs that support you rather than sabotage you?

Good news...

I’ve put together this mini-guide to show you that there is an alternative to yo-yo dieting and feeling awful about yourself. I want to show you how I’ve overcome these same challenges and how you can too.


It includes:

  • The hidden cause of emotional eating & binge eating
    Before diving into the main method I have used to overcome my emotional eating , you’ll need to understand what caused it in the first place. It's almost certainly the same for you.
  • How your behaviour around food can change INSTANTLY
    This may be hard to believe but once I addressed the REAL reasons behind my emotional eating, the changes were immediate. This works and it works FAST. No more need for constant dieting and food restriction. I didn't even need to think about avoiding foods or counting calories. It's completely effortless. And unlike every other eating plan I've tried in my 30-year dieting career, I have no fear of going back to how I used to be because what I now know is a PERMANENT solution.
  • YOU can do this
    Ending the fight with food and body image is something every woman can do. There are no difficult new skills to learn, there are no weird exercises to perform and there are no ongoing costs and subscriptions for special foods, classes, weigh-ins or equipment. Once you learn how to change the relationship you have with yourself - from one of criticism to one of self-love - everything just falls into place.

What's The Catch?

There isn’t one. The mini-guide is completely free. Read it to find out why I'm on a personal crusade to change the diet industry and help women learn to love themselves.

Who am I?

My name's Sally Plevin. I am an ex-police sergeant and have lived with deep-seated feelings of guilt and shame about my body and my eating most of my life - until recently. My passion is sharing the strategies I learned which completely and permanently ended my battles with food and body image and have enabled me to live a life of deep happiness and confidence.




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