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Feeling anxious?

Right now it seems like half the world is suffering with the relentless pressure of life and struggling with fear, anxiety, worry and sadness. 

If you're suffering from anxiety you're not alone. It's very, very common and varies in severity from mild uneasiness and apprehension to constant tension, fear and even terror. 

Anxiety can bring about a wide range of unpleasant symptoms including panic attacks, palpitations, sweating, headaches, insomnia, irritability, muscle twitches, trembling, intense fear and a feeling of 'going mad' or losing control.

Research tells us that most people have experienced symptoms similar to the above at some time in their life but left unaddressed excessive worry & anxiety can affect your mental & physical health as well as leaving you feeling overwhelmed, vulnerable and even depressed.

Find it impossible to switch off?

Does it feel like you never have time to just... stop and rest? Even for a moment? 

A lot of the effects of stress and anxiety - such as worrying about things you can't control and not being able to switch off or sleep properly - are a result of the body's nervous system being in a state of high alert. This is largely down to the body's in-built alarm system called the Fight or Flight reflex.

This automatic reaction kicks in whenever you feel under pressure or experience stress, and the flood of adrenaline and other stress hormones it causes are what makes it virtually impossible to switch off, relax properly and get a decent night's sleep.

It's easy to see why this is. The flight or flight reflex is designed to mobilise body and mind for intense action; it's role is to help you escape or survive a perceived threat or stressor of some kind. So, when you're feeling stressed, your body thinks it needs to be moving or fighting. Muscles tighten, non-essential systems such as digestion are shut down, blood pressure rises and your heart rate speeds up. Can you see now why it's so hard to relax when you're in this state?

Ideally, this stress reflex should switch off when the threat has passed leaving hormones and bodily systems to return to normal. But in today's fast-paced world many people face constant stress  from work pressures, relationship issues, family pressures, deadlines, health considerations, financial worries etc... not to mention global pandemics.

This means, for many people, the Fight or Flight stress reflex is almost permanently switched on so they experience constant tension, irritation & anxiety.  

Had enough of difficult emotions?

Over prolonged periods, having stress hormones flooding through your system is incredibly taxing and wearing for body and mind. This not only makes it difficult to relax & stay calm but can also make it very difficult to think clearly, remain grounded and respond effectively in difficult circumstances.

When you're tired, drained, irritable and on-edge it's no surprise that you are vulnerable to fear, sadness, overwhelm and other negative emotions. It's so hard to feel positive when you're in a torrent of emotional pain.

Consumed with negative thinking?

Perhaps one of the most damaging aspects of all this negative thinking is a sense of inadequacy and the habit of continually questioning & criticising yourself. Over time it can lead to feelings of depression.

It saps your confidence and self esteem leaving you unfulfilled and full of fear; living a life in which you're prevented from realising your potential and experiencing real happiness. After all, how can you ever feel truly happy when you don't believe in yourself?

You can change ALL of this using scientifically proven, psychological tools to train your brain to respond differently.

Thankfully, there is something we, our clients and MILLIONS of people around the world have found to be VERY effective for overcoming the effects of stress, anxiety and all those associated negative emotions.

It's a scientifically proven, psychological tool which brings a PERMANENT end to being controlled by stress and anxiety by effectively reprogramming the brain. The process or reprogramming is called neuroplasticity which basically means that your brain changes based on what it experiences.

Neuroscientists used to think that the brain was fixed by about age 5 or 6 and that after that we steadily lost brain cells but we now know that the brain can change throughout our lives and can even grow new neurons and pathways.

By training the brain through mindfulness, meditation and other exercises, new neural circuitry is created and strengthened, and this in turn induces neuroplasticity. The brain is effectively reprogrammed to relax the body more easily and to cope better with stress and anxiety.

These mental training methods offer freedom from feeling overwhelmed, anxious and uptight and provide a near-effortless way to recharge your batteries, refresh your mind and protect yourself from the harmful effects of stress. They are easy and quick to learn, and once you've learned them, can be used for the rest of your life. 

What's more, you can learn the methods in the comfort of your own home.

Here's How to Let Go of Stress, Anxiety & Worry For Good...



During this program you'll learn how to build resilience and reprogram your mind so you can:

  • Overcome anxiety & stress

  • Relax deeply & remain calm in stressful situations

  • Let go of depressive thoughts, self-doubt & painful emotions

  • Break free from mental chatter, rumination and worry

I felt peace, calm and joy within myself, and what is more — love for myself. 

"I really enjoyed the mindfulness sessions at the Life Raft very much. Rob is a perfect teacher with a very soothing and relaxing voice, great ideas expressed in a simple quiet but very powerful manner. After each session I felt peace, calm and joy within myself, and what is more — love for myself. I am very-very grateful to Rob for this and for helping me to deal with anxiety."

Larisa, Russia

I started sleeping through the night (which I had not done for years)

"I started on-line meditation practice with you because I was so stressed I feared I would walk out on my job and not return. To my surprise, I started sleeping through the night (which I had not done for years) and my decade long, daily chronic joint pain was gone.  Thank you to you and your wife for making this life transforming practice available to as many people as possible."

Barbara Hinners, USA

...has given us tools to manage our thoughts & how we feel

"It's hard to believe how much stress and anxiety was affecting us both. I was hardly sleeping and we were both irritable and frustrated, worrying about things we couldn't control. The Life Raft has given us tools to manage our thoughts and how we feel. We've both been blown away by how much it has helped us, and helped us to grow stronger as a couple too. A huge thank you Rob!" 

David & Lisa, UK

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How the QUIET MIND Method Can Start to Reprogram Your Mind to Let Go of Stress, Anxiety & Worry
In As Little As 15 Minutes per Day

Based on ancient Eastern techniques, the methods in this program are scientifically proven, highly effective psychological tools with real-world benefits for today’s over-complicated, 'pressure cooker' world.

Thousands of peer-reviewed scientific papers and clinical trials around the world validate that the type of breathing and mindfulness-based techniques taught as part of the QUIET MIND Method can help enhance mental and physical well-being, develop resilience and provide the reliable means to overcome the effects of stress and anxiety.

The Quiet Mind Method provides the means to develop mental resources to reach a state of calm and respond more effectively to stress by helping you access...

1). A clear, focused mind

‘Mind chatter’ is a problem for most people in today’s busy, information-based world. The QUIET MIND Meditation Method provides  a range of tools and techniques to SILENCE busy thoughts and mind chatter almost immediately so as to benefit from enhanced FOCUS, CLEAR THINKING and better CONCENTRATION.

Many of our clients tell us they have tried meditation in the past but have struggled with a constant stream of thoughts and emotions and claim they were unable to find peace & stillness until they tried the Quiet Mind techniques. 

2) DEEP Relaxation

The various breathing and meditation techniques in the Quiet Mind Method provide the means to effectively switch off the Fight or Fight reflex and move the body into the much healthier, Rest and Digest state where deep relaxation is a natural result. 

In this state, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated which calms the body down by lowering the heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension. From here, there is an associated reduction in physical symptoms of stress such as such as insomnia, fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure etc. 

3). FREEDOM & Relief from Emotional Turmoil and Excessive Worry

The QUIET MIND philosophy is that although we might not easily be able to control what is going on in life, we most certainly can control how it effects us - we can control our response to it and the tools to do this are within ourselves.

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional."

Haruki Murakami

By learning to disengage and detach from negative thoughts and emotions, we are able to break free from the control they have over us. We can then turn toward and accept these emotions without judgment and without getting drawn into the drama of them so we are no longer overwhelmed by them or 'lost' in them.

Acceptance an incredibly powerful, liberating skill to learn as it effectively allows total freedom from the effects of emotional pain and worry. 

This is very different to trying to ignore, fight or get rid of our emotional pain and it's not the same as giving in with a sense of resignation or  sugar-coating a situation to make it feel better. Acceptance means making a conscious choice to experience our sensations, feelings, and thoughts just as they are - warts and all. And when we practice acceptance in this way, without trying to change, force, manipulate or control our experience, we open the door to real change.

4) A Sense of CALM CONFIDENCE No Matter What You're Facing 

When we're not so caught up with anxious thoughts and unpleasant feelings we naturally settle into a calmer state where we are better able to connect with more resourceful emotions. And as we learn to disconnect and break free from limiting beliefs and unhelpful emotions we can recognise and access more of our true nature, leaving us feeling stronger and more confident so that we can remain poised and calm, no matter what situation we are facing.

The key to happiness and confidence is not about changing the world to suit us, but learning to connect with our own source of joy, peace, strength and contentment.

5) Restful, Refreshing Sleep

As your ability to overcome the effects of stress improves and as your busy mind starts to settle and become more peaceful, problems associated with sleep naturally subside. This means you'll be able to switch off, sink into your bed & drift into the kind of deep, restful slumber you've been craving. You can then wake up in the morning feeling truly rested, refreshed and nourished; full of vitality and energy.

A good night’s sleep is essential if you are to build resilience and cope better with the stress and strain of modern life and most Quiet Mind clients report that their sleep patterns are much improved after just a few days.

I've learned that I can take a break from the chaos around me.

During my sessions at The Life Raft Zendo with Rob I've learnt to listen and tune into my mind and body. With practice I've learned that I can take a break from the chaos around me and bring myself back on track. In such a busy world its easy to forget to just be." 

Mary, UK

I feel much more content, calmer and happier.

"I used to feel that my life was in a rush all the time. I was stressed and anxious over silly things and felt life was passing me by. I now feel much more content, calmer and happier even when I have a lot going on. I am able to take things slowly now and think much more positively.""

Sue, UK

It's helped me focus, relax and cope with what's going on.

"I am so grateful for the covid 19 anxiety course Rob has run over the last 6 months, and I have learnt so much . It's helped me focus, relax & cope with what's going on.  Thank you" 

Kimberley, UK

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Now You Can Learn The Quiet Mind Method in Your Own Home

Since 2012 we've been teaching the Quiet Mind Method on live in-person courses but as a result of the global shift towards online learning we are able to provide the same guidance and training via web class so you can learn the various techniques in the comfort of your own home. 

When your course starts & how it works

The Quiet Mind Method is currently available in self-study format meaning you can access it immediately and study at your leisure. 

The program is taught through a mixture of video tutorials and audio recordings. There is also the opportunity to practice live via zoom in our Zendo group meditation sessions. 

Immediately after purchase you will have access to your training area and your initial course materials.

Your course tutorials will be added to your private member area every 7 days for 8 weeks starting immediately.

You have lifetime access to the tutorials and recorded coaching calls but we encourage you to try to stick to the weekly schedule so you can get the most from the training.

What's included?

  • Lifetime access to session recordings & all materials. We always say it is best to stick to a regular daily habit of training but the course is completely flexible - you can restart the course & revisit materials as often as you like any time.
  • Transformative, progressive meditation tuition. Through a range of short but powerful meditation exercises (you can choose 10 minute or 25 minute versions) you’ll be able to create an oasis of calm in your mind where you can escape the busy world, relax deeply and re-charge your batteries, all while building changes towards long term emotional resilience & wellbeing. 
  • Activities and exercises to make mindful awareness a powerful part of your daily life.
  • 'Calming Breath' breathing exercise tutorials.  These exercises have a fast and direct direct impact on the body's nervous system and bring instant relief from anxiety and tension. You'll learn them early in the course and will be able to use them for the rest of your life to instantly 'de-stress' within just a few minutes. 
  • 'Balancing Breath' breathing exercise tutorials. These exercises are specifically for calming and balancing body and mind while helping you develop an efficient, healthy respiratory system.
  • Short, impactful training sessions. We know how busy you are and how precious time is these days. This is a practical course with an emphasis on giving you the tools you need in the shortest possible time. Each recorded tutorial consists of 40-50 minutes theory/teaching followed by 10-20 minutes practice. 
  • Supported. You'll also have access to peer support via private online community should you want it together with access to email support anytime through our help desk.

I am now finding it much easier to stay relaxed and not become stressed. 

"I was very stressed before the course. I worried a lot and was unable to relax. I felt responsible for the happiness of my whole family. I am now finding it much easier to stay relaxed and not become stressed. I am able to stay calm in stressful situations and to focus on NOW rather than worrying my life away. I am enjoying life again."

Steph Jack, UK

Genuinely helpful practices that I would recommend to anyone 

"The Quiet Mind course provided me with some really valuable, practical help on how to live well by making more conscious decisions. I'm better able to recognise what can't be changed or controlled and just accepting it, and better equipped to respond instead of react. These are genuinely helpful practices that I would recommend to anyone and everyone."

Simon Ellison-Bunce, UK


I can now accept things without needing to try and change things

"I used to feel tired and drained; lacking in motivation & burned out. I was always brooding and 'harping back', trying to make changes but then getting disillusioned when I failed. Since learning to meditate I now appreciate what I have & what is around me. I can accept things without needing to try and change things." 

John Rimmington, UK

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Plus, There Are A Few Things We’d Like to Give You As A New Quiet Mind Method Student…
...Absolutely FREE


Bonus #1:  Lifetime FREE Access to the Life Raft ZENDO (value £15 per month)

Zendo is our online group meditation hall. Members enjoy morning and evening group meditation sessions with one of the Life Raft meditation teachers together with a variety of additional tips and strategies, focus tutorials & guided meditations. With Zendo you can meditate with other people and enjoy the benefits of meditating in a group setting no matter where you are in the world. 

Many of our members feel this to be a tremendously advantageous part of the program. Could this be because of the strong, supportive community bond? The ongoing coaching and training? Or the variety of techniques and guided meditations provided? We don't know for sure but we are sure you too will come to love being part of the Life Raft Zendo. (Zendo will resume Summer 2023)

Bonus #2:  Mindful Movement  (Value £97)

Mindful Movement is our exercise@home membership and includes recorded Yin Yoga, Yoga flow, Pure Pilates, Mindful Pilates and Qi Gong classes as well as workshops and guided meditations. This will be added to your membership halfway through your course and provides the perfect opportunity to experience mindfulness in action.

Join Now

I am amazed at the way it enables me to change negative patterns.

“I had tried several times over a period of twenty years to learn meditation and never really ‘got it’. Then I met Rob and he made the process so easy that I’m sure anyone could use this method to learn to meditate successfully. Rob is so genuine in his teaching and it so nice to see how passionate he is about sharing what he’s learned. The practice has made a profound difference to my life; I am amazed at the way it enables me to change negative patterns."

Maria Hallam 

I feel happier, calmer and less stressed.

"Having suffered from anxiety for many years, I cannot thank Rob and Sally enough for the support and guidance I have received over the last 6 months. I have taken part in the Zendo meditation sessions which have radically improved my life. I still occasionally get anxious thoughts and moments, but whereas before I was consumed by them, now I can recognise them and let them go.  I feel happier, calmer and less stressed. The Life Raft have helped me to start enjoying life again! Thank you."

Sharon Matear

Helped me manage my anxiety. 

"I have joined a number of the live Zendo sessions over the summer and found them very beneficial. Rob provides a comfortable, gentle space to focus on well being. He explains the value of meditation clearly and has taught us a number of different techniques that can be used in everyday life. Alongside this I have accessed the Quiet Mind resources which include helpful explanations and downloadable meditation exercises. These have helped me manage my anxiety during a difficult period in my life." 

Name witheld

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Satisfaction guaranteed

If you’re not completely happy at any time during the first 7 days of the course and aren't feeling tangible results and benefits to your mental and physical’ll get 100% of your money back. No questions, no hassles.

How Much Will It Cost To Change Your Life?

For a limited period the cost for the entire Quiet Mind Method Self Study Program (including all the bonuses) is just £197 £147.

Change you life for just: 



(Including £100+ worth of FREE Bonuses)

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Reminded me of the me I used to be.

"This course has reminded me of the me I used to be. It has brought back some old practices and definitely added some new. The course is long enough to make a difference in the lives of those that choose to use it, and short enough not to make anyone feel as though it is eating into their time. Content is great, enjoyable, informative and motivating."

Denny, UK

The Zendo meditation sessions have been extremely beneficial to me

"The Zendo meditation sessions have been extremely beneficial to me and have helped me maintain some equilibrium in my life during these challenging Coronavirus times. Rob is an excellent teacher, delivering each session with clarity, self knowledge and in an easy to follow manner. His sense of peace and calmness radiates even through a Zoom meeting. It has also been a pleasure to meet like minded people from across the globe I feel privileged to be part of it." 

Lindsay Wise, UK

It's helped me focus, relax and cope with what's going on.

"I am so grateful for the covid 19 anxiety course Rob has run over the last 6 months, and I have learnt so much . It's helped me focus, relax & cope with what's going on.  Thank you" 

Kimberley, UK

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Your Emotional Freedom Starts HERE

You don’t have to wait for the world to open up to cultivate resilience. And you don’t have to let outside circumstances control your destiny any more.

You now know your mind has been unconsciously programmed to make you experience stress, anxiety, and fear ‚ÄĒ even when it‚Äôs not helpful or necessary.

And you know you have the ability to change it.

Will you take the opportunity?

Or will you continue on the path you‚Äôre on? Experiencing unwanted anxiety and worry, tossing and turning in bed at night ‚ÄĒ wishing you could fall asleep‚Ķ

The choice is yours.

Change your life for just £197 £147 

Access Now for £147

This fee includes all training tutorials as well as £100+ worth of FREE Bonuses as listed above.  You'll have access to your training area  immediately after purchase. Any questions - contact us here.

About your trainer, Rob Plevin

Rob was a special education teacher, behaviour consultant & education author before becoming a meditation teacher. He first started meditating as a way of overcoming severe work stress more than 25 years ago and has been teaching meditation & mindfulness since 2012. He founded The Life Raft, with his wife Sally, to help people struggling with stress, anxiety and difficult emotions. They are both certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teachers having qualified with Zenways (accredited by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association) in 2011. They received the Zen Buddhist Precepts in 2019. Rob is also a Yoga Teachers College® Certified Yoga Breath Coach®. 

"Rob explains what can be quite difficult concepts very simply and makes mindfulness and meditation very accessible. He has a wonderful style of delivery which is very relaxing and well paced. I have really enjoyed and benefited greatly from the Zendo sessions & I would encourage anybody looking to learn mindfulness and meditation to enrol on a course with Rob at the Life Raft."
Caroline Livingstone

You don’t have to wait for the perfect time to change your life for the better. And you don’t have to let outside circumstances dictate your happiness.

Uncover your inner strength & get off the treadmill of self-doubt, anxiety and stress RIGHT NOW. 

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